Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Ya' know, the sixties were really kind of cool.
It wasn't all protest and war and stuff, and the sixties were my formative years, so I know what I'm talking about.
And there was FASHION
Cranberry socks
Bleeding madras shirts
Or was it Paisley
Powder blue levis, yeah powder blue, sounds so gay now, but they were de rigeur back in the day
Velour Henleys
Cordovan penny loafers
Navy pea coats
Cordoroy, yeah, I acutally had a three piece cordory suit, and it was the heat, baby.
No socks at all in the summer time, didn't matter what you wore, NO FUCKIN' SOCKS
Sneakers were out, way out, get them sneakers out of here man, I'm freaking on 'em
White was out, oh man, get caught with a white shirt on,
But hey my gramma bought me this shirt,
And they'd fill your jockstrap with Heet,
While you were wearing it.
That's enough for now, Gary Lewis and the Playboys are playing Cobo next month and I want to be sure to get my tickets.