Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Rosa's Prize

A post dedicated to Rosa.
Telling you all the good things I know about Rosa.
Rosa comes from the land down under, where the women glow and men plunder.
So I guess Rosa must glow.
When you talk about a Saucy Aussie, you're talking about Rosa.
Rosa is the Kid from Syd ...ney.
Oh yeah, Rosa is fantabulous, which must be an Aussie word, and beautiful and charming and sweet and modest....
and that is a direct quote from Rosa.
So if you have any trouble with it, take it up with Rosa.
What can I say about Rosa that she hasn't already said about herself, ad infinitum.

Rosa, a list.
1. She is Italian.
2. She is a student teacher.
3. She has in internet crush on IA.
4. She has a celebrity crush on Elijah Wood. The dweeb from LOTR.
5. She has a gay crush on Mo.
6. She has a brother called the troll.
7. She thinks I am the hottest thing since Vegemite
8. She dances to ABBA in her underwear.
9. She is a
poser, hence the nickname Rosa the Posa.
10. She dreams about me every other night.

Most of the above stuff is true, some of it is slightly exaggerated, and some of it is downright fabrication.
I'll let you decide what is what.
Oh yeah, I guess I should link her.