Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Which celebrity would you stalk.
I'll give you five.
1. Jennifer Jason Leigh, because we have history.
2. Kasey Chambers, the Australian singer, and while I was stalking her, I'd probably stop by and look in Rosa the Posa's bedroom window and watch her dance to Abba in her underwear.
3. Janet Reno's niece, who used to be Martina Navratilova's lover, and I think she hosts a show on the Travel Channel, and I wish I could remember her first name, and she is very tall, with short blonde hair. Oh yeah, her name is Hunter Reno, and she's a model too.
4. Alyson Hannigan, just because she would probably appreciate a stalker.
5. Julia Sawalha, Saffron, the daughter on Absolutely Fabulous, well, why not.