Sunday, June 08, 2003

Comments On Your Comments

The fill in the blank post was supposed to be about me, so ...
Don't hate me because I'm a gorgeous, insomniac, Kevynn Malone.
I'm speechless.
The dirt vs. mulch debate continues, and I hope there isn't any bloodshed like there was in the Great Mulch/Dirt Wars of the late 60's.
I could dig a weedeater too. Get it dig ... weedeater ...

People who didn't know I had a pierced nipple
1. The Pope
2. Dynamite Diva
3. Carnie Wilson
4. Sharon Osbourne
5. My Mother

Yes, I know they are making a remake of Freaky Friday, I saw it advertised on the Disney Channel, ummm, but I don't really watch the Disney Channel, I was just surfing one day, yeah that's it, I would never watch the Disney Channel just to scope out the shows with teenage girls, that would be wrong, just wrong.