Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Has everybody died, or is it just that the weather is so nifty, or are you put off by Malone's post on Tampax, and I still think it sounds like an airport in Florida, and if you're interested my tattoo is healing nicely, and I will admit that this one hurt a bit, but the tattoo guy must have liked it because he took a couple snapshots of it to put in his book, and there was a cute girl just before me that got her first tattoo, on her upper left shoulder, but I couldn't see it, because it was already covered up by the time I got there, and this tattoo guy was pretty friendly, he poked fun at me for my way of dealing with the pain by twiddling my thumbs, but hey, it beats screaming out in agony, anyway ...
Where was I???
Show me the love people, show me the love, win a prize for the most ingenious way of showing me the love.
Screw it, I'm booking a flight on the Jefferson Airplane ...