Sunday, June 01, 2003

Stuff that has been going down since I have been sick this weekend

1. The case of the disappearing posts at Malone's. I know I saw them, and I know they aren't there now, and I won't rest till I get to the bottom of it. Ok, I'll rest, and I probably won't get to the bottom if it, but so what, I am sick after all.
2. Did any of you know that rosa posa has a brother. I talked to him last night when I should have been asleep, but the kid sounded lonely, desperate, and somewhat suicidal, and me being the gracious host that I am, listened. Ok, he didn't sound lonely, desperate, or suicidal, but he did sound an awfully lot like rosa posa, and could that be because they are brother and sister, or could it be that they are the same person. Aha, I've seen through your clever ruse, rosa or troll, or whoever you are calling yourself today. Prepare to pay the consequences.
3. Then after I talked to rosa or the troll or whoever they are calling themselves today, I was about to go to bed, when dvl aka Desiree zonked me on my zonk board, and quite honestly by that time I was so tired that I don't remember what we zonked about, but if you are interested, and I know you are, you can check the zonkboard, and isn't that a lot of zonks in one sentence. It had something to do with By By Birdie, tattoos, and Bettie Page, beyond that I am clueless, but then again clueless is a boz state of mind, isn't it.
4. Finally. well at least finally for now, Anna from Anna is Punk Rawk left a comment, and isn't that a precocious way to spell Rock, but she is part of that east coast, RonFez crowd, so that is to be expected, and if I were a girl, or even just a crossdresser I think that Anna is Punk Rawk would be a hella name for a blog, and yeah I just said hella for the first and probably last time in my life, but such is life.

The meds are either kicking in or wearing off, so I am out of here.
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.