Sunday, June 29, 2003

The votes are in and they have been tallied, the winner of this month's Angel of The Month is rosa.
I figured I might as well get her out of the way, so I don't have to listen to her whining for another month about how she was screwed out of the last one.
Rosa's Acceptance Speech

well.. what can I say.. except that I am so very very flattered. who woulda thunk it a little girl from orstralia could make it this far.. this quickly. I mean im just here minding me own bizness, tending to my sheep... shooing away the dingoes from the nursery and then one day the town gets a "computer" I log on and presto.. instant fame!
There are a few people I must thank *getting out crumpled paper* firstly I must thank my mum for giving me two of the best assets I own, she along with my father have made me the truly bodacious babe that I am today. Id like to thank all my fans from around the world who visit my page most of them are just after carnie wilsons bits, but some of you do care.. and for that I thank you *halle berry open mouthed cry’
and finally... to Ken, Boz, Bozzley or whatever you know him by... the light of my life.. my soul mate.. my idol! not only are you a friend and a lover.. but you’re a fighter, you’re a joker, you’re a smoker, you’re a midnight talker.
You complete me.

(Rosa's views are her own and do not reflect the views of Ken, Boz, Bozley, The Grand Ennui, or whatever I am calling myself today)
Mo, blu, Stacey, dvl, Bunty, and cacoa all made very strong runs.
Remember, August is only a month away.
Oh yeah, Mo .... you came close, very very very close.