Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I was going to write about the incredible chat room experience from last night, but I decided to get a stomach ache instead, and unless your name is Bunty, Whitey, Sheeplovr, Anna ... the punk rawk girl, or boz you missed out on the blogging event of the summer season, no really, trust me, you did, and I really do have a stomach ache, feel my pain, share my pain, take my pain and kick it in the ass, and I'll probably write about the chat later today, either that or spend the day throwing up, because I have a stomach ache, but you already know that unless you are reading this while surfing one of those popular blog sites, the kind where the chick talks about her whacky boy friend, or her adorable baby, or the travails of being a genius in the company of fools, or the guy who self deprecates his own cool self to the tune of some neo-punk, hip hop, alt, industrial, d&b polka music, and I've completely lost track of where I am both in life and in this post, so I think I'll grab a hand full of blanket and elongate my own sweet ass on my own sweet bed.
Look at the dog the cat dragged in.
The end.