Monday, July 14, 2003

Where were you when you found out Montgomery Clift had died
It was a little after midnight sometime in the summer of 1965, I think. I remember that it was very hot, and so I spent most nights sleeping in the basement were it was cool and damp, sort of like me.
Anyway, I was listening to CKLW AM out of Windsor Ontario, which was right across the Detroit River from ... Detroit, and doesn't that make sense.
The song You Were On My Mind by the We Five had just finished, they were part of that scary folk revival of the mid 60's, and thank god that didn't catch on, and the disk jockey named the Duke of Windsor, get it, the station was in Windsor ...
came on and said that Montgomery Clift had just died, and I just laid there for a minute and thought ...
Who the fuck is Montgomery Clift.
Then I rolled over and did what most 15 year old guys did late at night when they slept in the basement because it was too hot, but actually because they wanted more privacy so they could [fill in the blank].