Thursday, July 10, 2003

Why am I awake now
1.My bed rejected me.
2.Sleep isn't my strong suit.
2.Weasels ripped my flesh, with a nod towards Frank Zappa.
3.I'm hungry, no I'm not, yes I am, fight it Ken, fight it.
4.I needed a drink and a piss.
5.I swear I feel skinnier already, but that isn't a reason, is it, more like an observation, or a thoughtless ramble.
6.There's gonna be a lot of skinny people come Labor Day, and fuck, if I knew Labor Day was going to be September 1st, I would have said 15 lbs. and not 18, but that isn't a reason either, is it, but it is something that would make me toss and turn all night.
7.Perky nipples, they do it every time.
8. Wait a second, there are two number 2's, that means this is number 9 not number 8, that has to count for something, or not.
9.I sing the body electric, and a tip of the hat, what hat, that hat, oh that hat, to Walt Whitman and Ray Bradbury.
10.Help me Rhonda, yeah, get her out of my heart, over and over and over again, damn you E, damn you and damn the Beachboys too, and has anyone besides me read the Rabbit Trilogy by John Updyke, or Dick Van Dyke, or Van Dyke Parks, or the corner of Van Dyke and Eight Mile, and I was soooo Eight Mile before whatshisname was even born, but that was yesterday, and yesterday is gone, and so am I, if not gone, at least back to bed, and I bet I dream something weird, I dreamt about the Turtles last night, not the candy or the reptile but the Eleanor, gee you're my pride and joy etcetera Turtles.
Good night.