Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Would you believe I slept most of the day. It turns out my stomach ache wasn't a stomach ache after all, my sinus were draining ... again.
So I just popped a couple of sinus tablets and said "fuck it" and wasted the day away.
I did go to the post office, and get a hair cut, and take a walk, and shower and shave, and eat sensibly, and feed the birds, and clean the utility room, and rue the day I was born, and look both ways before crossing, and duck and cover, and eat some fat free pretzels with a glass of Diet Pepsi Twist, which packs a very zingy kick in the ass taste, oh yeah, and I checked the mail, some veteran's organization begging for some money, screw them, and I brushed my teeth a couple times, gargled once, no floss, and I smiled a couple of times at the absurdity of it all, no laughing, no crying, no bitching, no moaning, no pissing, well pissing, but the other kind, drank a lot of H2o, which is aqua puré to people who haven't memorized the element chart thingy, or whatever they call that thingy that has all the elements listed on it, and of course aqua puré is water ... puré and simplé.
But I digress, and go back to bed, but not really, not really the back to bed part, but anyway.
I'm in like cheese, but with half the calories ... baby.