Saturday, August 30, 2003

Ok, the strike is over. It's not you people anyway.
It's .... (((gasp)))
People in the real world.
Had a big barbecue scheduled for today, spare ribs, baked potatoes, the whole nine yards.
Tons of food, because there were supposed to be mucho people.

So, my niece shows up with her boyfriend, and I ask when do you think your dad and your brother will get here, fair question don't you think.
Niece: Errr, ummm, my dad, notice small d in dad, decided to go up north to the casino.
You could see the flames shooting out both my ears, and probably my asshole too. It was my brother in law who said he was coming up here with no prompting by me, he called me three different times to tell me he was coming up here, I left him a phone message to make sure he was still coming.
Fuck it, he can cancel out if he want, but the schmuck should have the common courtesy to let me know about his change of plans. I mean I am so pissed that I don't know if I will ever forgive him. My sister must be rolling over in her grave.

I then ask my niece about her brother and her daughter.
Niece: Oh, ummm, he said he might come up later in the week when his cousin (another of my nephews) is due to be here.
Bullshit to that. If he even attempts to call and say he's coming up, he'll be getting a message that we have plans that day. Schmuck Jr. even owes me $1800.00 that no one knows about, because he needed a child support payment because his ex was going to have him thrown in jail for lack of support. Let's see, it's a secret right.
Hey, everyone, my dipshit nephew owes me $1800.00.
Pass it on!

And then ...
My sister and her husband were supposed to be here at 2PM, we get a call at ...
2Pm that they were running a little late. Ok, the campground they are at is about a ten minute drive from here, so I thought ok, they'll be here within a half hour.
Wrong-g-g-g-g oh Bozzius One.
They come waltzing in an hour and a half later.
So just fuck 'em, fuck 'em all. I am divorcing two thirds of my fucking family, and the other third is on thin ice.
I am Boz, and I am not amused.
Signing out.