Thursday, August 21, 2003

What a great tattoo,

And what a great place for a tattoo.
What do you think toots, and isn't toots a great name, and you hardly ever hear it anymore, I mean sure it's sexist, but sexist in a cute way, not like some of the appellations you hear nowadays.
Skirt is also good, but bimbo is bad, real bad, and how about dirty leg, I knew a guy from Oklahoma who used the term dirty leg when referring to a girl, or woman, who lived on the wrong side of the tracks, that's wrong too, and you never hear wrong side of the tracks anymore, it's, yeah you guessed it ...
trailer trash
which is another term I don't like, I mean what could be better than a home on wheels, even if they don't really have wheels, but let's say they do for the sake of my sanity.
Did I leave anything out.