Saturday, September 06, 2003

Has blogger been acting screwy for ya'll too.
Notice the use of the vernacularly incorrect ya'll.
That's because I am chatting with everyone's favorite Super* formerly of ATL and now of OKLA, so should it be OklaSuper* or TulsaSuper* or SomeOtherCityinOklaSuper*
You decide.
In other news, company is on it's last legs, and my last official duty is going to the campground tomorrow for a bbq, so that means my house is now my house, no more shutting the door when I go to the john, no more using knives and forks, or plates, or napkins, or stuff, and I can drink my pepsi or coke right out of the two liter bottle if I damn well please.
Viva La Independence, or something that might be a trifle more appropriate.
Mmmmm, trifles, I could use one of them suckers right about now.
But I digress, and goodnight.