Friday, September 19, 2003

Highlights of My First Year
1. People sent me stuff, sometimes good stuff.
2. A lot of nice pics from a lot of nice women.
3. The sweater Malone sent me for Xmas, and don't roll your eyes, it was a nice sweater and it doesn't mean we're gay, well it doesn't mean I'm gay, NTTAWWI.
4. The CD exchanges with HD, Shanti, Rosa Posa, and the Malone Xmas Crap CD exchange.
5. Having the status of icon bestowed upon me, so what if I had to bestow it myself.
6. The many derivatives of boz, running the gamut from Bozzie to the Grand Bozoo, ok I made the Grand Bozoo up, but wtf, 90% of the stuff I blog I've made up.
7. Being able to type ATLSuper
8. Chatting with rosa posa, and you wouldn't believe the mouth on her.
9. Getting to know the East Coast crowd, even the ones from Jersey.
10. Sniff, sniff, sniff, feeling like a father to all of you.
11. Don't forget the Brits, and hopefully they know who they are, because for the life of me I can't remember.
12. Oh yeah, and the Atlanta crowd, even though 2 of them have moved away, and the other one has a kidney infection.
13. And the California crowd of Malone and all his lackies, and also the rest of the California crowd who aren't Malone's lackies, Pam from San Diego, the Hard Artist out of OC, Shanti from the north, and sighhhhh ...
dvl from LA by way of Beverly Hills.
14. And for the rest of you who I have neglected to mention, here is a little something ...
[Your Name] I couldn't have done it without you.

And what do you remember about my first year?