Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ok, I admit it.
Dun, dun, dun ...
I am cacoa's father.
Her mother and I have kept it a secret all these years. Even the man that cacoa calls father doesn't know or suspect the truth.
In the mid 70's I was in the dun, dun, dun ...
stationed in either the Mid East or Great Britain, I'm not sure which because after that assignment I was involved in some drug related mindaltering experiments.
Anyway, I met and had a brief but passionate fling with cacoa's mother, who we shall refer to as, dun, dun, dun ...
cacoa's mother.
We knew our love was never meant to be, it was a forbidden love, a love that crossed religious barriers.
We knew it could never be, cacoa's mother a Muslim, and me a tree worshiper.
So after I toppled the government of a small but oil rich middle eastern country, if I remember right it was North Dakota, but geography was never my strong suit, I returned to the states.
I will never forget our last night together, the night cacoa was conceived and
[censored by CIA Directive 89-672.9]
So you see dear sweet cacoa
that is why OUR LOVE can never be the kind of LOVE that you desire of me.
Let's just leave it at that, and let the perv's fill in all the kinky parts.
Oh yeah, say hi to your mom, but I bet she'll deny everything.
The End