Saturday, September 06, 2003

Ok now. I think things are finally starting to get back to normal in my so called life.
Blogger still sucks, but c'est la vie, and pardon my attempt at French.
I've got my new 120 gig hard drive installed, but my memory card reader is fucked to the max, and the new digital camera takes the world worst pictures, at least indoors under artificial light, and I haven't taken any outdoors, by my educated guess would be that they'll suck too.
And I've been downloading a lot of Girls Gone Wild Videos, and they don't look .....
Wait a minute, I've got an idea.
It's, it's, it's, hold on a second because it's a good one.
It's .....
Bozley's Angels Gone Wild!!!
Ok, Ok, Ok.
Send me your pics, your videos, your underwear, and me, I'm boz, will send you a strand of really cheap beads, scouts honor.
And did you ever notice how many of those GGW girls need a shave, or at least a trim.
And what is your opinion of landing strips, in 25 words or less, or more, more or less.