Monday, September 22, 2003

Review of the July 1967 Jefferson Airplane concert at Ford Auditorium, Detroit Michigan

Let’s see if I can remember this right.
I had a date, yeah, really, I did, and the tickets cost like two and a half bucks each.
My date’s name was Jill, and I think I’ve talked about her before. She was way too cool for me, her long auburn hair, olive complexion, mostly pink mini-dress and sandals, and it’s kind of funny because I can barely remember what she looked like, but I’ll never forget that mini-dress and the legs coming out of it.
I was tall and skinny, and I mean way skinny, something like 150 lbs on a six foot two plus frame, and I was wearing a blue shirt, or wait it might have been a pinstriped shirt, well, I was wearing a shirt, that much I know for sure, and a tie, a wide tie, a wide paisley tie, and pants, and this was before bell bottoms, so I’m thinking they might have been some kind of khaki, because I was big on khaki back then.
Now this is the embarrassing part. Jill drove, because I didn’t have my driver’s license, well not too embarrassing because she was driving her dad’s 67 Pontiac Bonneville, which was a convertible, but not a regular convertible, sort of a hard top convertible, and yeah they really used to have them back then.
Holy shit, that plane that just flew overhead made the house shake.
So, where was I, oh yeah the review of the Jefferson Airplane concert.
Besides the Airplane there were four other local groups as opening acts.
The first two I had never heard of, one was called The Ourselves and the other were The Apostles.
They did covers of popular songs of the day, and I remember one of them did a song by Eric Bourdon and the Animals, and the other did a song by The Young Rascals.
The next act was the MC5. Yeah the same MC5 that had such a big cult following in the early 70’s, the same but different. You have to remember that this was the psychedelic era and that’s what the MC5 tried to do. Too bad it really sucked. Their 15 minute set consisted of one song of nothing but noise, and about all I remember is the lead singer walking back and forth across the stage banging a tambourine.
The final opening act was the top local band of the time called The Rationals. They were bigger than either Bob Segar and his group or Ted Nugent and his group, and a year or so later the lead singer had a tryout to become the lead singer in Blood Sweat, and Tears.
They were very clean cut, sort of like The Association and put on a good set.
And geez, this whole review is really starting to suck, but I started it, and I’m going to finish it, and if I wasn’t so anal retentive I’d leave all my typos in, but I am, so I won’t.
Then the Airplane came on. This was their big summer and they had already had a couple of hits with Somebody To Love, which is still one of my favorites, and White Rabbit, which was ehhhhh, but I did have their album Surrealistic Pillow, and if you hold on a minute I’ll put it on, and even though you can’t hear it, I can, and maybe it will inspire me to write a better class of drivel.
Ok, I couldn’t find the Jefferson Airplane, but I did find the Lovin’ Spoonful, who I actually liked better, and I probably would have paid as much as three dollars a ticket to see them play, but they weren't, so I didn't, such is the stuff dreams are made of, or something equally pithy.
Anyway, well, actually they pretty much sucked too, but they looked pretty good doing it. The instruments drowned out the vocals, and except for Somebody To Love and White Rabbit, I had no idea what song they were playing, but as I said, they looked good, and Grace Slick looked exceptionally good, and remember it only cost five bucks for the both of us, and Jill was part of the both of us, and even though nothing ever happened between the two of us, well we did have sex back in my bedroom a lot, except Jill wasn’t there when we had it, but I was good, damned good, and I found out later from the very same Jill, that her best friend who’s name was either Mindy or Pam, but I’m kind of leaning towards Mindy, had a huge crush on me, and she probably would have had sex with me in my bedroom and she might have actually showed up and been part of it. except Jill didn’t tell me about this until Mindy or Pam, but I’m still leaning towards Mindy, had moved about 200 miles away.
So, if you ever get the chance to time travel back to 1967 and see The Jefferson Airplane in concert with either Jill or me as a date, go for it, I mean shit, gas was 20 cents a gallon, a pack of cigarettes cost about 30 cents, and people didn’t laugh at you if you said stuff like groovy, far out, or what’s happening man, and that’s all a plus in my book … baby.