Thursday, October 30, 2003

Back in the mid 60's the state of Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario entered into one of those international agreements.
It was decreed that all residents of Ontario must like the music of Bob Segar, while all residents of Michigan must like the music of Gordon Lightfoot.
A sort of fair trade agreement.
As a young naive teenager at the time I didn't want to risk jail time or cause an international incident so I toed the line, and I must say after awhile I learned to appreciate the music of G. Lightfoot, and I don't mean that crap he came out with in the 70's, I'm referring to the Golden Age of Lightfoot, songs like Early Morning Rain, The Canadian Railroad Trilogy, That's What You Get For Loving Me and Did She Mention My Name and my favorite, or should I say favourite
Go-Go Round
I mean what horny 16 year old boy from Detroit wouldn't fall for the lonely little go-go girl in love with someone who didn't care???