Friday, October 10, 2003

What's happening in other blogs
The non-link back version.

1. Malone is trying to get people to write his posts ... again.
2. Rosa Posa is on a slumber party retreat amidst fears of lesbian undertones.
3. AtlSuper* is attempting to become the native american answer to Martha Stewart.
4. ChezPink has this lowrider thing going that is driving everyone to distraction.
5. Paranoid.Android is still gay and proud of it.
6. Shanti just dropped her science and, well, and nothing.
7. HotDamn Doyle is in Atlanta for a couple weeks doing the wedding thing, not his, and you'd know not to ask that if you knew his track record with the ladies.
8. Cacoa is rattling around about something, her posts are way too long for me to read, so I just nod and look concerned.
9. Cheeks is in the middle of something, but since I usually read his blog after Cacoa's my mind is still in a fog so I don't really know what he's in the middle of.
10. Sullivan added a commenting system to his blog, and is still homeless, and if his comments on my site are any indication he seems to be in a contrary mood.
11. Diva and Lingus are well on their way to becoming the Beavis and Butthead of Blogtown
12. Whitey's got a gun, got a gun, got a gun, Whitey's got a gun, got a gun.
13. Fuzzy's got Whitey, and apparently plans on keeping him.

Oh man, something just happened and Blogger ate the rest of my post, fucking blogger, and believe me the last 31 observations were a shitload funnier than the first 13.
No, really it did, either that or my dog ate my homework, or the dingos ate my baby, or I realized that it was 2 in the morning and I still had 31 more entries, and I think I just got amnesia, so, I'll just post what I have and go to bed, I mean the emergency room, and see if they can figure out who I am.
The end.