Friday, November 14, 2003

Deer hunting season starts at dawn tomorrow, and I am tres ambivalent.
I have never hunted, mostly because I don't look good in blaze orange and camouflage,
but I don't begrudge the hunters the pleasure of spending copious amounts of money, which my little community gets a pretty hefty share of, on beer and canned beef stew, in hopes of hoisting the carcass of Bambi's Ma or Pa on the bumper of their pick-up or SUV.
The 400,000 plus hunters in the state of Michigan will murder slaughter destroy harvest about 250,000 of the states deer population.
I mean this is good, because hunters will spend upwards of $50,000,000 this deer hunting season, while the elusive white tail deer will spend next to nothing.
Ok, as a little balm to you bleeding heart anti hunters, look on the bright side ...
250,000 dead dear
25 dead hunters (heart attack, mistaken for a deer, falling from a tree, drunken automobile accident, and at least one case of being shot by his dog)
It's not a bad trade-off