Sunday, November 09, 2003

Time for one more post?
Yeah, I guess so
What do you think I should talk about?
Tell them about the time you met the Beatles
I never met the Beatles.
Ok, how about the time you had sex on the elevator going to the top of the Empire State Building
Sorry, that wasn't me either, but I did get a chubby driving across the Mackinac Bridge.
Staring Charlie down from the wrong end of a bayonet ...
Nah, I just use that to try and get the chicks.
You pretty much suck then, don't you
Yeah, pretty much.
And to think I could have been the conscience of Keith Richards, but no, I picked you instead.
Life sucks.
You got that straight. I guess I'll doobie doobie doo right on out of here. Sammy, go tell Julie Newmar to meet me up in my room.

And as always, the voice of my conscience was played by Frank Sinatra.