Saturday, November 08, 2003

Could this be unlucky.
I'm home and I'm bored, and I'm not going to list the other 40 greatest guy flicks of all times, and if you really care you can just do a Google, or go buy the magazine, and as I reach the teens in the 50 in 50 do I seem to be getting a bit hostile, and one more thing How come online blogs, journals and diaries are ass backwards???
I mean when you read a book you don't start with the last chapter and read backwards, do you, well do you punk, and yeah I guess Dirty Harry was the greatest guy flick of all time if I quote it, because as we all know I am all GUT GUY as well as being all MAN.
Damn I'm getting steamed now.
Where was I???
Oh yeah, ass backwards blogs, journals, and diaries, I mean they found a cure for cancer why can't they find a cure for that, ok, WHEN they find a cure for cancer the blog conundrum should be the next thing on their list, just don't argue semantics with me, and when I say
their who exactly do I mean and why.
I think I'm gonna go blow some things up.