Saturday, November 08, 2003

My fill in the blank answers.

1. If I could be any teenage celebrity I would like to be Hillary Duff.
2. If I could change places with another blogger I would change places with Shanti, because I feel such guilt for not picking her as one of the five bloggers I would like to have dinner with.
3. Boz aroni.
4. Rock, paper, scissors, hand grenade.
5. I wish I'd been a wake when I was in school.
6. I wish my ego was bigger.
7. I wish my penis was smaller.
8. I fantasized about the two women who were walking in front of me at the walking track the last time I masturbated.
9. Jesus Christ! Did somebody just get crucified in here?
10. Dumber than a bag full of really really dumb people.