Saturday, November 01, 2003

It's a quarter after six in the morning. I woke up about firty five minutes ago and both arms feel like they are about to fall off, they are that sore, and I don't know what caused it. So I tried watching tv for awhile, but the lure of the computer was too much for me. I checked out Malone's blog and it has been taken over by The Hard Artist and Monique, and then I checked out Rosa Posa's site, but she's still got that zit cold sore on her lip and she's not talking.
The tv is on and an 80's Italian movie is on, I think it is supposed to be some kind of cult classic. I think it is called Tennebrae or Tenebrae, or something to that effect, and it stars a couple of washed up american actors, Tony Francisosa and John Saxon, and a bunch of really hot looking Italian babes, and I think I know why one of my arms is so sore, but that's neither here nor there ... or even over there.
All of a sudden I am very hungry, but I make it a rule never to eat before 7 AM, so I have another 40 minutes or so to kill, because I am resigned to the fact that I won't be going back to bed at least until I eat. I did take a couple of tylenol, along with my regular meds, and my arms are starting to loosen up a little, yah for me, yah for tylenol, yah for my arms.
I've been to Rome twice, well actually the airport in Rome twice, and I never actually got out of the airplane, but Rome is, as us 70's hipsters used to say, the bomb, and maybe I shouldn't be talking about bombs and airplanes at the same time, and whoaaaaa, one of the Italian babes just got naked, way to go Italian babe, and nice tits by the way, and this movie is really starting to get good ...
good and kinky, the naked Italian babe, in a dream sequence, just stuck the heel of her red high heeled foot in the mouth of some dream sequence Italian dudeAnd get this, som guy in a muscle shirt is playing Pac-man. All we need is Martha Quinn and we'd have an episode of I Love the 80's, or We Love the 80's or Whatever that show about loving the 80's is called.
Wait a minute, I feel a Duran Duran moment coming up ...
Whew, thank god that passed.
I'm going back to bed, see you on the flipside.
I wonder if it's too late to make Malone's Halloween party.
Fuck the spell check, it looks pretty good from here.