Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Things I Saw At The Gym Today
1. A kid with red food color dyed streaks in his hair, and nobody was pointing and laughing at him.
2. A guy wearing what looked like pajama bottoms looking vaguely sociopathic.
3. A chubby Oriental kid who thought he was Jet Li, but looked more like Jumbo Jet Li.
4. Two girls playing volleyball, and I can never see volleyball girls without waxing nostalgic about the hours I spent in Japan watching the Japanese soap opera called
Volleyball Girls where the volleyball girls never played volleyball, but spent all their time crying about how mean their coach was, and backbiting the other girls in the volleyball girls dormitory, and doesn't that conjure up some images of forbidden love!!!
Excuse me if this post seems kind of convoluted,but I am trying to watch a movie that just came on about ....
Volleyball Girls !!!
nah, it's about the war in Bosnia, I think.