Saturday, November 15, 2003

What's Happening in Bloggerville
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1. Tank Green is going to California for a few weeks in search of new and weirder socks.
2. ATLSuper* will be back next weekend after going on a cross country shooting spree for the past month.
3. Stray Bullet is or isn't a bitch, recent polls inconclusive.
4. Still no word on Hot Damn Doyle but he could be touring as part of a Pogues Tribute Band.
5. Belle residing in a parallel universe ruled by mutant toasters.
6. Hard Artist working on his latest Hard Review a scathing expose of
7. Paul still trying to figure out why nobody likes him as he changes the name of his blog to "It's Not With-in Me To Be Humble".
8. I finally realize that the Bored Housewife and Mostly Fluff aren't the same person.
9. The Pimpress is still way too young, evil evil thoughts please go away.
10. Monique will finish her 50,000 word novel by the end of November after all, November 2006, or 07, or 08 ....
11. One person pissed because I didn't mention them.
12. Three people pissed because I did.
13. There is no #13 because that would be unlucky.