Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I have eight clocks in my computer room, ok it's actually my bedroom, but it has a computer in it, and it is a room, so legally, if not morally, I can call it a computer room. Back to the clocks. It isn't a fetish or anything, but ... wait a second, I miscounted, I have nine clocks in my bedro... I mean computer room. Maybe it is a fetish after all. Nah, it isn't a fetish, I am just compulsive. If you think nine clocks are a lot, you should see how many pairs of shoes I have. This is going nowhere.

I got an idea last night about a topic to write about, but all I wrote down were the letters BP, and I can't remember what they stand for. It could be blood pressure, British Petroleum, or Bettie Page. I think we can rule out British Petroleum. By the way, you don't mind if I refer to ourselves as we, do you? I'm pretty sure it was Bettie Page, the 50's pin-up queen. Most internetters refer to her as an icon, but I don't really care for that description. The Recycle Bin on Windows is an icon. Bettie Page is [a.] a pin-up queen, [b.] a goddess, or [c.] the definiton of 50's girl next door kinkiness.