Monday, October 28, 2002

This time change is just kicking my ass.

Linda Fiorentino is very sexy.

Linda Fiorentino

Check out "100 Things About Boz" the link is in the left margin.

So the California Angels won the World Serious. I hope that doesn't mean another remake of "Angels in the Outfield."

Today is my nephew's birthday. He's old, real old.

I just noticed something. If I take my glasses off and look at the pic of Linda Fiorentino, she looks a little too much like Michael Jackson.

See what I mean. the resemblence is spooky.

Michael Jackson

My other Bettie Page T-shirt

I have been checking out some other blogs/journals and I am amazed at how long winded some people are. I can barely scrape together a sentence or two, and here they are attempting a sequal to Thomas Mann's " Magic Mountain."