Sunday, October 20, 2002

New colors, I am never satisfied.

Soup's on!

Whoop, whoop whoop!!! Bargain of the day at K-marts. A three pack of Hanes boxers for ..... 2 bucks!!!

Of the Arquette sisters, I prefer Patricia over Rosenna, but that's just me. Hmm, that is strange. I found both Rosanna and Roseanna as the correct spelling of Roseanna's name. I think that's why I prefer Patricia. At least she knows how to spell her first name.

Nice wings Patricia

I've done it now. I can't access my archives, and I think it is something I did. Maybe if I held my breath until I turned blue, it used to work when I was a kid.

haha, You can't spell Florida without the "da". I just heard that on tv.

The Loins won today, and are now 2-4, and well on their way to the 3 victoires I predicted for them. That isn't a typo. I called them the Loins. The Loins play in the same division as the Peckers. ViQueens, and the #%&$@ Bears.