Sunday, October 13, 2002

Update? No Update?

Friday the 13th is on Sunday this month.

Oh my, the Lions have a chance to win on the road against the Vikings, or maybe not. The Vikings tied it up on a 50 yard pass and run while I was typing. I'm going to go out on a ledge. There are about 6 minutes left and the score is tied, but I think the Lions will still pull it out. There ya go, The eternal optimism of a Lion's fan. Of course you know they are pre-destined to lose. Yeah, they lost.

Anybody out there know who Fred Neil is? Great singer/songwriter with a mellow voice who came out of the folk scene of the 60's. An acquired taste, but very influential. I wonder if he is still alive? Let me do a Google and see. Nope, passed away on July 7th, 2001. I think I'll see if I can find anything on Kazaa. Yeah, they have Dolphins, and I'm downloading it now. Actually, I am using Kazaa Lite. Supposedly it filters out the pop-ups and all the other crap. I can say crap. This isn't x-rated, but it is for adults, and adulterers.

Only seven more days till Mindy Cohn's pic is off the front page. I wait with bated breath. It is bated, isn't it, and not baited?