Tuesday, January 28, 2003

It just started snowing, and getting crappy and slick outside. I guess I got home just in time, I guess. So I have my new cordless mouse and new desk, and the two new self stick bulletin boards that I bought from the buck store today, except they didn't cost a buck, they cost two bucks, but that's okay because I saw the exact same bulletin board at another store for $13.99, to keep me occupied.
I also got what is probably my last xmas present in the mail today from my prodigal nephew in Florida. He sent me a Stetson cologne gift set, only problem is I never wear cologne, I prefer the scent of my natural hubris, and maybe I should have looked up the definiton of hubris before I typed it, but I didn't, but it still fits, sort of, so I am leaving it in, and come to think of it prodigal doesn't really fit either, but does kind of, so I am also leaving that in, but getting back to my original train of thought, I gave the cologne a try before I went out and it's not half bad, so since I have it, I'll use it, and try not to flaunt it.