Thursday, January 09, 2003

Kevynn said:
"My New Years Resolution is to not feed you bloggy-crap.
And to say, Penis. Tits. Fuck. Young. Old. Sucking. Mothers. Free. Iraq. Mac. Apple. MSN. Star Wars. Brittney Spears. Joe Millionaire. Download. Porn. Movies. Micheal Jackson. and. Anal.
In order to get more web hits."

Why didn't I think of that?
I would have probably said something dumb, like this:
Girls gone wild. Osama sucks. Anna Kournikova's butt. Nipple slip. Pac-man. LOTR rules. Lolita. Barely legal. Schoolgirl. Uniform. Daddy's girl. Slut. Celebrity skin. Bukkake. Save Farscape. Eminem sucks. Eninem rocks. Trailer park porn. Fat Free Milk. and. Weiner dogs.