Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Like I told you earlier 442 Glenwood Avenue has been rocking my cranium all day long, but I have a cure for that. I just rummaged through my voluminous cache of CD's and pulled out a real plum.
Growin' Up too Fast, the Girl Group Anthology
Rocks the house,
and is
reet, sweet, and oh so complete.
Ok, so the music is all white bread, without a hint of soul, so what, who said white bread is bad?
And maybe about 25% were actual hits, they all could've been hits, maybe.
My favorites are Diane Renay, Leslie Gore, the Angels, of course the Pixies Three and
The one, the only ...
If the Ramones had been girls and recorded in the mid 60's they would have been
The one, the only ...

The Shangri-las, I think they got a kickback from Aqua-net.