Monday, February 17, 2003

The Shalom Harlow pic I won't post in here, because I run a clean blog, no porn, no full frontal, no nips, only pokies, no shoes, no shirt, no service. Tell me about skinny now, why don't you, but she is Canadian, and god bless our neighbors to the north even though they spell it neighbours, I think the superfluous u is left over from colonial days when Britain imposed a u tax, not unlike the stamp tax and tea tax here in the states, that led to our War for Independence, but Canada was too busy perfecting hockey and curling to notice, and my train of thought has just left the station, so I guess I will just end it here. I'm coming Shalom darling, and I didn't mean that in the biblical sense.
BTW, Shalom is on the left, and that's our babysitter on the right.
We have twins you know, they nearly starved to death as infants. A sad story really.