Saturday, March 15, 2003

It is a mahhh-ve-lous day outside, as I give my props to Billy "One Third of the Axis of Evil" Crystal as he gives his props to Fernando Lamas and Ricardo Montelban, so what am I doing here, and I don't mean in the meta-physical why do I exist sense, but that is an interesting sense, I just mean what am I doing here on such a marvelous day, when I could be out playing baseball with my friends, or hanging around the Dairy Queen waiting for the wind off of Lake Huron to lift up the girl's skirts to see what day of the week it is, or hanging out with Wesley, my bad influence, and smoking unfiltered Lucky Strikes behind his garage, and the last that I heard was after coming out of his drug induced haze, Wesley went on to become a butcher, or more precisely a meat cutter, because there is a difference, and dollars to doughnuts I bet he still smokes unfiltered Lucky Strikes.
So while it may be true that in spring a young mans fancy turns to love,
An old man's fancy turns to being a young man again
even if it isn't quite spring
and even if he is not really all that old
I think I'll shower and shave, go buy a pack of unfiltered Lucky's, and look for a garage to go smoke them behind.
I wonder if the Dairy Queen has opened for the season yet?