Saturday, March 15, 2003

Let's see I have added stacey to the Bozzie guest list, even though she hasn't requested, but I figure 30 years of Billy and she is due something, if not a Bozzie maybe a Nobel Prize in diplomacy. I have also added Jenny From The Blog, who I don't really know, but she wrote a nifty poem about me and boobs, and that can't be all bad, can it. I may have to give her a generic Bozzie, you know the kind, this Bozzie goes to Jenny for her cute smile and nice personality, but she said she wanted one, and if it gets The Word, According to Boz out there, it's all that and a bag of chips to me, see I know hip-hop, and I am getting so confused, because this sentence has meandered out of control, so I'll stop.
And rosa if you are with-in the sound of my voice, let me know
Bozzie, yes or no?