Sunday, March 16, 2003

Various crapola
or should that be crapolas, plural.
None of my images are showing up, so NetscapeWepage must be down, just a matter of time people don't get all spooked on me.
I have added a couple more links:
Jenny From The Blog.
Big Cat.
Also, I have joined a Bettie Page Fan Listing Webpage or whatever that I found at Jenny's (from the blog) site.
One last thing:
There seems to be an epidemic of poems being written about me and boobs, not my boobs, boobs in general and lucy's in particular, and as soon as Netscape is back up I will link to a page where you can view all the poems in one place,
and don't be discouraged at trying your hand at writing a poem about boz, boobs are optional, not my boobs, but boobs in general and lucy's in particular.