Friday, March 07, 2003

Well, buckaroos it's time for old Cowboy Boz to mosey on back to the bunkhouse and grab a little shut-eye. We're gonna have another buck-buck-bucka-lucka-chucka show again same time tomorrow. They'll be a Wheezy the Cock-eyed Dog cartoon, and another episode of the Four Lunkheads, and in the coral, live and in person we'll have B'wana Phil from Pet's Are People Too, showing all you little buckaroo's the inappropriate touching areas on a guinea pig.
And remember buckaroos ...
Always mind your parents because ...
even though they may have shit for brains
Everything is in their names.
The Cowboy Boz show is sponsored in part by
Mistress Liana's House of Evil Delights
Mention Cowboy Boz and receive a "special" for the price of a "regular."
Fade to black.