Tuesday, March 18, 2003

When I was four years old, after I had learned the alphabet, but net yet learned to read, I was puzzled as to why there were only 26 letters. I mean why not 50, or 150, or a bazillion? So I took it on myself to change it. I envisioned an alphabet with thousands of new letters. I figured once I got the ball rolling that others, more learned than myself, would see the wisdom of an expanded alphabet.
And thus there became ...
the 27th letter of the alphabet.
I wish I could show you the symbol for Leonard, but when today's keyboards were designed the expanded alphabet was not taken into consideration.
I guess you could best describe the symbol for Leonard as an R with the little do-hickey right leg moved over a skoosh to the right.

Can you imagine my parent's pride as I recited the new expanded alphabet!
w,x,y,z, and Leonard!!!!
I got a lot of blank stares and rolled eyes when I was a kid.