Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Am I the only one still being kicked in the nads by the time change?
I'm watching something in French on the CBC out of Montreal, or as the french say .. Monreal, or a close facsimile of Monreal.
And I think I'd like to visit Montreal, because once I saw a movie that took place in Montreal and there were a lot of really fashionable blah blah blah.
Anyway, have you ever noticed when I hit a dead end with a post I just sort of end it, and start rambling on about this or that, sort of like I am doing now, hold on a second they are showing naked french canadian strippers on CBC, bah, silicone.
Where was I?
I guess if you have to be French then French-Canadian is the way to go.
Boz me with a spoon, and other terms of endearment, and I know she died in the movie, but whatever happened to Debra Winger, I mean she is at least as talented as Demi Moore, and while we are on the subject. whatever happened to Demi Moore.
Death to the Question Mark, and off to bed.