Monday, April 07, 2003

Help me, help me, help me.
I close my eyes and I see monkeys, slack jawed, razored toothed, slavering monkeys.
What is it with bloggers and friggin' monkeys, and it is spelled monkeys, not monkies, by the way.
Monkey this, monkey that, monkeys flying out my ass.
And when I say monkeys, I mean monkeys, and chimps, and gorillas and baboons, and anything else that walks on two legs and claims to be our antecedents, and I'm not sure I buy that anyway, I prefer the little known, but equally plausible theory that man is descended from Belgian waffles, dispute that you monkey freaks!
Word to the wise before I go back to bed.
Never eat jelly beans early in the morning because the resulting sugar rush makes your brain do funny things, witness the preceding post.