Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Anyone interested in having a blogathon chat in the Grand Ennui chat room, let me know, and maybe we can set something up for the near future. It can be like the pre-Bozzie Award chat, but .....
Only better, because ....
How could it be any worsterest.
I'm doing away with question marks, they're too hard for me to type, I mean left pinkie shift and right pinkie ?, is just too difficult,
easy for you, difficult for me, s'all right, s'all right,
for my gnarly fingers.
And when was the last time you heard anyone do a SeƱor Wences riff?
Doh, I said no more question marks!!!
Oh yeah, the whole chat thing was
The Angst Ridden Bopper's
idea, but she got all Teen Queen and wienied out of it.