Saturday, April 05, 2003

I should probably go to bed, but geez, this is so much fun.
Sitting here in my underwear, both boxers and briefs,
you heard me right, both boxers and briefs, and proud of it dammit
listening to internet radio
while I do the hully-gully in my chair.
And once when I was younger, much younger I got drunk twice in one day.
Got drunk in the morning, sobered up, took a nap, and got drunk again that night.
But I am sure most of you have done that, but I doubt if any of you have gotten drunk three times in a day, and if you have can I have a peek at your liver, while you still have it.
Speaking of liver, I can have about two bites of liver before I push the plate away and remark that it tastes an awful lot like a pencil eraser, and it does, you know it really does.
I'm weak, I'm weary, and lordy you know I'm tired.
So it's off to the rack, Jack!
Into my bed, Fred!
Under the quilt, Milt!