Sunday, April 27, 2003

So what do you think about Boz Trading Cards.
The Boz Rookie Card
The Boz Platinum Card
The Boz Holograph Card
The Boz UpperDeck Card
Ooooh, stop me, I'm getting giddy.
I could become the next hot auction commodity on Ebay.
$$$ Endorsements $$$
Hello, I'm Boz, drink Diet Coke.
Hello, I'm Boz, try new Viagra Lite.
Hello, I'm Boz, is your dog getting enough cheese, try new Kibble and Bits with Extra Cheese.
Hello, I'm Boz, is it that time of month, try (excuse me while I check Billy's post) Super Absorbancy Plus Tampons from Playtex.
I could go on, but all this cheese talk has made me hungry.
Excuse me while I kiss the sky.