Thursday, April 24, 2003

Things I did or learned today, or actually yesterday and early today.
I got the car washed.
I took out the trash
I learned friends can and should talk things out.
I am in the same boat as Ben Browder.
I found some more jelly beans to eat, heaven help me.
I ate steak for dinner.
I bought 3 bars of generic Dial soap from the Dollar Store.
I played online cribbage.
I surfed porn, I was in an Asian mood today.
I watched the movie The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. I'll save you the trouble of renting it, the kid who was the "wise ass of the group" got killed by a cougar.
I talked with lucy.
I talked with rosa.
I talked with Irwin, the voice inside my head.
I tried to imagine Kevynn gimping around on his first day back at work.
I tried to imagine what songs are on the CD's that HD and Shanti burnt for me.
I listened to a copy of the CD that I burnt for HD and Shanti.
It is a very good CD, I have great taste in music, if you don't believe me just ask Shanti's mother.
I am the Strange Man.
I have been called worse.
Am I getting off the track.
Am I getting off.
Or am I just off.
I sing the body electric, but I sing it off key.
G'day mate.