Tuesday, May 20, 2003

After what seemed like months I finally got my CD compilation trade from HDLandfill.
For those of you who don't know, HD is one of the Atlanta bloggers, and is good friends, in a platonic sort of way with ATLSuperstar.
Anyway, HD lost his job a few weeks ago, and since the only internet access he had was at work, presto-chango, he has no internet access at this time,
But enough with his problems, after all this is a blog about me.
Not only did HD burn a CD for me, he burnt another CD for me, and I think that totals two, and in two words they were both ...
Great, but that is only on word, so I'll just change the two words to ...
Really great.
We've got your old standards like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Neil Diamond ... Neil Diamond ... whoa nelly.
We've got the Stones, David Bowie, and the Beatles.
We've got Big Star, The Pogues, Chris Bell, and the Dream Academy..
We've got your country flavor with Wilco and Uncle Tupelo.
We've got Beth Orton, the Pixies, and Radiohead.
We've got your beats with Tom Waits and a reading by "Happy" Jack Kerouac.
We've got a bunch of stuff by a bunch of people I've never heard of ... and then
and then ...
and then ...
We've got the 80's classic by the Nails,
88 Lines about 44 Women.
I have been rocking the Casbah since I got the CD's on Saturday, and I will continue to rock until
Jerry Lee Lewis sobers up.
Oh yeah, HD says hi to all his blogging buds and budettes.