Friday, June 13, 2003

My Birthday Re-Cap
According to my mother, and she should know because she was there, I was born at 1:05 AM, so I guess that is as good a place as any to start my birthday recap.
I had just finished watching the New Zealand produced movie Once Were Warriors, and had logged on to the net to see what was happening. By the way, Once Were Warriors is a terrific movie.
Dan Albia was the first one to acknowledge my birthday in a cryptic little zonkboard message ... "its yo birthday one the east coast old man."
I told you it was cryptic.
I then talked to rosa posa, and dvl, aka Desiree.
Rosa threatened to post my very macho beefcake lounging pajama pics on a gay porn site, and Des enlightened me with a fantastic scam known as birthday immunity, which I promptly put to the test on her. and it's not as dirty as it sounds, but close enough, and it worked.
When I got up the next morning there were a shitload of birthday greetings from all my blogging buds, and oh yeah, I'd like to thank the five Bozley's Angels who sent me nude pics, I won't say which five, but wooohooo, and I have never ever said wooohooo in my life, and will never say it again, except for now ... woooooohooooooooo.
That afternoon I took my mother out for a late lunch early dinner at the Ponderosa, where I almost, but not quite, made myself sick on chicken wings.
On the way home we stopped at ACE Hardware and I bought a new hose and my mother bought a trash can and a dryer vent cover, this was almost the highlight of my day, well it was the highlight of my day, but luckily each day has a night, and that is when the real highlight of my day happened.
I mentioned birthday immunity earlier, and according to Des, this is when you can impose on friends or family for one week's time without fear of repercussions just by invoking birthday immunity, which I did when I telephoned an old, how should I say it ...
an old sexual partner, and I got together with her and partnered sexually.
Dragged my ass home sometime after midnight, talked to the troll, and to Des, my computer froze up, and I went to bed.
Luckily, my computer was the only thing that froze up on me yesterday.
The End