Thursday, July 10, 2003

Boz Labor Day Weight Loss Challenge
Scorecard: As it stands so far, if I have erred in any way let me know, and I will do my best to unerr it.

1. Boz - 18 lb loss, down from 242 to 224 lbs.
2. Paul - 20 lb loss
3. Anna Punk Rawk Girl - 15 lb loss, down from 138 to 123 lbs.
4. AtlSuperstar - 20 lb loss
5. Dynamite Diva - 20 lb loss down from 160 to 140 by Labor Day, with a winter goal of 125 lbs.
6. Mo
7. Maria - 20 lb loss

1. Dvl
2. Blu
3. Cacoa

Nay Sayers
1. Bunty
2. Marci
3. Pam
4. Kevynn
5. Cheeks

I will be down to 224 lbs. by Monday September 1, 2003, if not I will pay each Nay Sayer $10.00 American. If I am down to 224 lbs. the Nay Sayers will sing my praises in their blog.
The other Dieters are not required to do the $10.00 thing, unless of course they want to.
I will do an official weigh-in each Monday.
I will also post a pic each Monday as proof.
I guess that's it.

My weight loss program will not involve any fad diet, I intend on losing the weight by cutting out between meal snacks, healthier eating habits, walking 30 minutes a day, and doing my back strengthening exercises.