Sunday, August 31, 2003

Boz Reviews the Arts
1. The MTV awards show that was on the other night.
I didn't see it, but I saw a clip of Madonna slipping the liverwurst to Britney Spears. Poor Britney, that must have been like kissing her oversexed grandmother.
2. Trading Spaces
I wouldn't have sex with Paige Davis even if you put a bag over her head, and I'm desperate. Ok, maybe if you gagged her, one of those red ball gags with an over the head harness, yeah then I'd probably do it, and I'd even let Hildi Santo Tomas watch.
3. That song about dancing with your father again.
I mean the song is sung by a guy, get real.
I never danced with my father, my father never danced with my mother, my father never danced, period.
I dunno, it must be some kind of gay code word type deal, not that there's ...
But arghhhhhhhhhhhh, father dancing, if it isn't already, should be banned.
Now priest dancing, I think I could get behind that, as long as the priest didn't get behind me first.